Performance and stability

How fast is Easysize?

Whether you’re using our JavaScript integration library or integrate directly with the API we provide responses to you in milliseconds ensuring a quick and responsive experience.

The response time for our Score API is as follows:

Tracking API:

Where are our servers located?

We maintain multiple servers around the world to ensure a server is always located in the same region as our customers - further accelerating our response times to your API calls. We rely on Amazon Web Services as our chief vendor for our servers, and through them we have built a scalable and flexible system that does not slow down even under a spike of requests.

If we do not yet have servers in your region, we will add them before going live.

How stable is Easysize?

During past 2 years we had 99.93% uptime. We typically perform all system maintenance in a manner that causes no-downtime. When downtime is unavoidable, we will notify you a week in advance.