Easysize is an AI platform that helps prevent returns in fashion online shops. We make return predictions in real-time using your own data and data from the millions of users in our global network. By analysing a variety of factors, such as historical order data, onsite behaviour, brands and product performance across different shops, we determine a precise probability of an item being returned and the likely reason.

Our clients use Easysize to identify 2 unique types of returns:

  • Size-related returns - Identify size related returns and help your customers buy the right size.
  • RTO / Cancellations - Stop losing money on orders that cannot be delivered and have to be shipped back to your warehouse.
  • Step 1 - Send data

    Send us historical data for the latest 12 months. This initial dataset allows our algorithms to build predictions for your customers and brands sold at your shop, as well as learn the behaviors and order patterns specific to your customers and your shop.

    Step 2 - Tracking integration

    a) Install the tracking JavaScript onto all of your HTML pages to track user activity.

    b) Mobile tracking implementation here

    Step 3 - Order tracking

    Order tracking allows us to understand whether your customers actually add to cart and checkout (order) the size we recommended.

    Step 4 - Calculate Scores

    Use real-time risk scoring to identify products and carts with a high risk of being returned.