Score API


Our API is a stable and fast way of delivery of return risks and insights. We maintain high availability and stability across regions and constantly working on improvements to provide you with best experience. More information about performance is available here.

The link to our API is, followed by your unique app id. The app id will be provided by Easysize.

Note If you want to test the API before going live please ask us for a testing API key.


In order to be authenticated you need to add a secret key (provided by Easysize) to request header: Secret-key: 44c62c6e9cde3bef188c7aa337a67bbfda621c65


Our API returns standard HTTP success or error status codes. For errors, we will also include extra information about what went wrong encoded in the response as JSON. The various HTTP status codes we might return are listed below.

HTTP Status codes

Code Title Description
200 OK The request was successful.
201 Created The resource was successfully created.
400 Bad request Bad request
401 Unauthorized Your Secret-key is invalid.
404 Not found The resource does not exist.
50X InternalServer Error An error occurred with our API.

Submit a current cart and every item in it to retrieve score


Parameter Type Description
user_id* String Your local ID of the user
session_id* String User’s current session ID (used together with tracking data)
cart* Array of items All items currently in a cart

Item attributes

Attribute Type Description
product_id* String Your local ID of the item.
quantity* Integer Added quantity
discount Float Discount that applies on the item in %
coupon_used Boolean Whether a coupon was used for this item
stock Object Sizes that are avaialble in stock

Example request

  "user_id": "12315324124ksdf52",
  "session_id": "czEyMzEyNDEyMzFhc2Rhc2FzZDEyMzEy"
  cart: [
    "product_id": "123123123",
    "quantity": 2,
    "discount": 50,
    "coupon_used": true
    "stock": {"Small": 0, "Medium": 11, "Large": 21, "XLarge": 12}
    "product_id": "234234234",
    "quantity": 1

Example responses

Note The score is provided on per-item basis. In addition to it we also score the whole cart for returs such as RTO.

Possible return risk statuses and reasons

Status Description
HIGH The risk is high and action is required
MEDIUM The risk is moderate
INCONCLUSIVE Not enough information or uncertain results
Reason Description
HIGH The risk is high and action is required
MEDIUM The risk is moderate
UNKNOWN Unknown reason

Size related returns

  "overall": {
    "return_risk": "INCONCLUSIVE",
    "reason": "UNKNOWN"
  cart: {
    "<product_id_you_provided>": {
      "return_risk": "HIGH",
      "reason": "size_related",
      "recommendation": {
        "tight_fit": "Medium",
        "normal_fit": "Large",
        "loose_fit": "Large"


  "overall": {
    "return_risk": "HIGH",
    "reason": "RTO"
  cart: {}

User was not found

  "status_code": 404,
  "error": "Sorry, we couldn't find this user"