Mobile tracking integration

Please note that we do not provide any mobile SDKs as of yet, but those are planned to be released in Q3-Q4 2018.

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Each product view creates a new object with product details, unique id and is then pre-filled with user interactions. This data should be stored in a globally accessible location and kept even after the app is closed.

Events to be tracked on product views are:

In order to reduce the mobile internet data usage, the events are bundled together. Once there are 10-50 views saved in the app, the tracking data may be sent over to our servers.

On response, compare the unique ids with SUCCESS status against the tracking data saved in the app and delete it from there. It may happen that some events will fail to upload, therefore the unique id of those views will not be present in the response.

That is why tracking data should only be deleted from the app after receiving the response. This process is repeated every time there are between 10-50 views in the app (It can be more than 50, but our API is limited to max 50 views/request. Others will be ignored)

Full details can be found in Tracking API reference.